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Return policy
The company "Pnevmo Pro" does everything possible to make cooperation comfortable for the client. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the products return policy, which is developed in accordance with the current legislation. The user who has registered on our website acknowledges the terms of the purchase and sale agreement, which include the following conditions
Return and exchange of goods of proper quality

The return or exchange of air suspension parts is carried out within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase from availability or 7 calendar days from issue when purchased on request. The product must preserve the presentation and integrity of the packaging; have no traces of installation, mechanical damage, etc.

Technically complex mechanisms, electromechanical products, special fluids and oils are not subject to exchange and return. The customer can exchange a proper quality product for an analogous product if it does not fit according to various parameters (shape, style, size, etc.). The term is 14 days, not counting the day of purchase.

Exchange and refund are possible if the product has not been used, customer appeal of the products, appearance and packaging have been preserved. Also, the buyer must attach a cash/ commodity receipt or other document confirming the payment. If the seller does not have an analogous product at the time of applying for an exchange, the customer has the right to demand termination of the purchase and sale agreement. In this case, the funds will be returned to him within three days.

By agreement of the parties, an exchange can be made upon receipt of an analogous product, about which the seller immediately notifies the buyer. Attention! Technically complex products with established warranty periods are not subject to exchange and return.

"The remote method of selling goods" defines such moments:

The customer is familiarized with the purchased goods through catalogs, photographs and other methods. Prior to the finalization of the contract of sale, the seller informs the buyer about the features of the product, price including the tax, terms of purchase, service life, etc. The return of goods of proper quality is carried out only if the appearance, packaging, properties are preserved and there is a document confirming the fact of payment.

If the buyer refuses the product, the seller reimburses the amount paid minus the cost of shipping of the returned product. The deadline is 10 days from the date of submission of the corresponding request.

Attention! The consumer cannot refuse the product of proper quality, which has individual features and is intended for use by this particular buyer. In accordance with Article 13 of the law of Georgia "on the protection of consumer rights", Except for cases determined by Article 14 of this Law, a consumer shall have the right to withdraw from a distance contract and/or an off-premises contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason.

This period shall start:

a) from signing the contract, in the case of service contracts;
b) from acquiring physical possession of goods by a consumer or a third party designated by the consumer (except for a carrier), in the case of sales contracts;
c) from acquiring physical possession of the last part of goods by a consumer or a third party designated by the consumer (except for a carrier), where an order for delivery in parts is made by the consumer;
d) from acquiring physical possession of the first part of goods by a consumer or a third party designated by the consumer (except for a carrier), in the case of a contract for the regular delivery of goods (with a specified periodicity).

If a production defect is detected, the buyer returns the goods based on the conclusion of a licensed service station. We reserve the right to conduct our own product quality examination. The client brings us the goods in full configuration for subsequent inspection at the technical center.

After the examination, a conclusion is made on the nature of the defect. This may be a consequence of a production defect or improper operation. In the first case, warranty repairs are carried out, and if they are impossible, replacement of the defective part with a product of proper quality or a refund. The deadline is 10 days from the date of the buyer's claims.
Our guarantees

The company "Pnevmo Pro" is confident in the quality of its products and provides such guarantees:
for products with pneumatic elements (air springs) - 2 years from the moment of repair or purchase of the restored part without mileage limitation; for hydraulic parts - 1 year for all models.

If a production defect is suspected, spare parts are provided to our specialists for examination. It is performed within 3 hours from the moment of the hand-over. The client also prepares several documents:

a warranty card with a date and seal; the work order for the replacement of a part in the service center;
a copy of the service center conclusion on the nature of the defect.

If a production defect is detected during the examination, the spare part must be replaced with an analogues one (if available) or the defect is eliminated free of charge on the same day.
Pay attention to non-warranty cases:

  • unqualified installation
  • traffic accident
  • attempts at self-repair
If you have any problems, immediately contact the specialists of "PneVmo Pro"!
To carry out the examination, the buyer independently provides the part to the service center. The warranty repair does not include the installation and disassembly of spare parts, delivery of the car to the service station and the services of third parties.

After receiving the conclusion from the service center, the client fills out an application form for a refund. It specifies the refund method:

To the operating account. The order number, the recipient's full name or the name of the organization, the operating, personal and correspondent account, the name of the bank, TIN (tax identification number), BIC, KPP (tax registration reason code) should be provided. A refund is only possible to the person (or organization) who made the payment.

To a bank card. It is necessary to specify the order numbers and the buyer's card. It is also possible to refund to the card from which the payment was made.

In cash. If the product was purchased at the office, you need to visit it again, fill out an application form, attach a receipt and present your passport. The refund is made within 1 day. If there is a fact of individual appeal to the service center, then you also need to attach a conclusion from it.
Terms of refund

in case of refusal of goods of proper quality until the moment of its receipt - 10 days after the submission of the client's application;
if returned within 2 weeks after purchase due to the absence of analogues products on sale - 3 days from the presentation of a particular request;
in case of quality claims, the seller is given 10 days to review it and refund in case of a positive decision.
The return of the on request goods is possible only in case of a defect, incompleteness, etc. At the same time, the customer is offered a replacement with analogues products, if available. If the buyer does not agree, the seller's refusal to return is considered legitimate.
The procedure for returning the goods

The buyer informs the seller by e-mail about his desire to return the products. After agreeing on the nuances, the goods are sent at the expense of the sender. If the buyer has not covered the transportation, this amount will be deducted from the refundable funds.

When the seller receives the products, he performs an examination of the configuration, presentation and integrity of the packaging. Further, within 10 days, a full or partial refund is made (depends on the condition of the goods).

The procedure for exchanging products is almost completely similar. Only the last stage is not a refund, but sending the necessary part to the consumer.

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