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What does the law say?

Warranty service implies the free elimination of the defect of products caused by the manufacturer's fault, subject to compliance with the operating rules established by the manufacturer. The warranty period varies from 12 months to 2 years, and depends on the type of spare parts. All warranty and post-warranty services for goods are carried out in specialized service centers that have the appropriate authority.
Terms of Exchange / Refund

In accordance with the XVII-XVIII articles of the law of Georgia" On the protection of consumer rights", if a defect is detected, the consumer has the right to demand from the seller to eliminate the defect (repair or replacement of goods free of charge, reduction of price) or to return the money paid to the seller. Goods "defect" implies that the item is not usable for the purpose for which it was purchased.

You have the right to replace or return the purchased item only if the defect is not your fault. You can use the rights described above if you find a defect in the products within 2 years after receiving them.

If you find a defect in the goods (received goods of inappropriate quality) within 6 months of its receipt, before proving the opposite, it is implied that the defect existed when the goods were delivered. In this case, the goods are handed over for examination to the service center to confirm the presence of a malfunction and its occurrence for reasons beyond the control of the buyer.

After receiving confirmation from the service center, there is an exchange for a similar product or a return of the product value. Inspection execution period-no more than 20 days.
Address of the point of receipt of complaints:

For buyers from Tbilisi

Return / exchange of goods, as well as acceptance of goods for Warranty Service is carried out at the address: Tbilisi.

Working hours: Mon-Sat from 11.00 to 18.30 (before arrival it is necessary to agree on the time of your visit!)
Rule of appeal:

To make a return/exchange or to bring the goods for warranty service, you must call the toll-free phone number 8 (800) 222-17-26 and provide the reason for your appeal (indicate in the letter your order number, your contact information and briefly describe the reason for the appeal).

Your request will be registered and a responsible employee will contact you, who will inform you about further actions! Request response time is no more than one working day!

Important! When selling goods remotely, in case of refusal of goods of proper quality, the period for requesting a refund is limited-and amounts to 7 days after receipt of the goods.

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Pnevmo Pro Tbilisi

We manufacture, sell, install and maintain standard air suspension units for any car. We are a manufacturing factory. It is 15-30% more beneficial to buy from the manufacturer.

Flexible pricing policy and principles of cooperation with both wholesale and retail customers. When buying air suspension parts or carrying out its repair, we provide the documents specified by the legislation.

We have a wide partner network.You can buy spare parts for air suspension in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia.
Do you need an air suspension repair?
Call us at +995 322114151 or leave an application on the website and we will call YOU back.
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